My friends. It is time for a patriotic collective of right-minded citizens of all ideologies to combat the progressive socialist agenda and tyranny that for a century has been slowly eroding the last bastion of freedom on this planet. I am opening Unite or Die to be an online magazine to put forth the ideas behind unifying our goals by simply working to properly place the ideas that currently divide us where they belong by restoring the power of the several States. The resulting conservative-libertarian majority that will no longer focus on potentially divisive intragroup issues such as abortion or education; but rather issues that regardless of our personal beliefs we know need removed from the domain of federal power and restored to the States.

It is my belief that this strategy will not only be effective in combating the rampant spread of liberalism, but is the only strategy that will succeed. The federal election landscape needs to focus on electing officials that agree it is time to restore abortion, education, and many other issues back to the States by amending the Constitution to clarify the issue. It is also time to fill Congress with representatives that agree the commerce clause is for revenue taxation of interstate commerce and not for punitive taxation; like SCOTUS would have us believe.

Most importantly the federal government and its out of control ways of coercion, spying, lying, and spending must be put under boot so our elected officials have no doubt whom they are employed by and for. We need to dismantle the monster that the progressives have built one institution at a time until Americans are again free to walk down the street armed with the knowledge that they are safe from both criminals and a police state.

We will never agree with progressives on any issue for they operate on a system of emotionally-driven beliefs. Psychologically there is no disruption of their train of thought. We could be in the middle of an ice age and Al Gore would be saying the polar ice caps are melting. And while many are good hearted souls and also believe themselves to be doing right the hard truth is progressive policies historically lack vision and are short-sighted leading to a cascading and never-ending pile up of policy added upon policy in an attempt to fix problems that the government is ill equipped to address as an institution.

And while are hearts cry for those in-need and we will do what we can to help, we cannot help the few to forsake the many. The fact remains this is a society and as such the collective of the group and its needs must come before the needs of the few. Our goal must be to win every federal election for the next decade and to force our representatives to understand if they do what is asked their re-election will almost be guaranteed and on the other hand will lead to their justified dismissal.

We have 237 years of errors to correct by tweaking the Constitution and putting our representatives back on the leash where they belong. We have one shot. One generation to make a change. We either Unite or Die.